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Cleaning Windows

Traditional Window Cleaning

At SP Cleaning we understand that some clients prefer the more traditional methods. Smaller shops and local businesses will find that traditional cleaning with ladders and the use of hand tools is more fitting of their needs. All out staff have extensive experience in such methods and where possible are encouraged to utilise them.

We also use this method for any interior window cleaning we will carry out. No matter how regularly the exterior of the windows are clean a dirty inside can lead to the appearance of the windows being compromised. This is especially noticeable in shop windows and in small businesses where the image of your shop front is as vital to your company as the products you sell. Having the interiors of the windows proffesionally cleaned allows you to rest assured that your company's image will be maintained at the highest quality


Due to Health and Safety restrictions, traditional window cleaning can only be carried out up to a height of 20 feet.

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