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Reach and Wash

At SP Cleaning our primary method of window cleaning is through the use of the water-fed pole system. This system allows us to clean windows efficiently, saving our clients up 40% per clean. We have poles that allow us to access over 85 feet above the ground and clean up to eight storeys without leaving ground level, reducing any risks involved. The efficiency this method allows also reduces any disruption that window cleaning can cause, giving our customers a stress free experience. All our vans are fitted with both full sized systems and portable reach and wash back packs, to enable our experienced staff to access all areas and carry out cleaning without difficulty.

Our water filtration system is one of the most sophisticated in the UK and produces 4000 litres of pure water a day. Using purified water means we can provide a much deeper and longer lasting clean than many of our competitors can offer. With all impurities removed from the water it pulls dirt away from the surface more effectively than normal water. The windows are then left without any residual dirt making the build up of further dirt a much slower process, allowing you to enjoy a streak free finish that will last long after we have gone. By using this method of window cleaning we are also able to minimise the use of detergents and chemicals, making our work as environmentally friendly as possible.

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