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Eco-gum Removal System

Chewing gum offers a very stubborn probloem and can greatly reduce the aesthetic of a built up area. We operate the Eco-gum Removal System, which gives us the flexibilty and industry leading technology to remove any gum or similar marks you may have. 

The special lightweight design of this system allows for complete portability and maximum efficiency. The lightweight lance emits a vaporised mix of a specialist solution and steam to allow any chewing gum to be easily lifted away from any pavement or patio area. An operative can easily clear a spot of chewing gum in a matter of minutes whilst also ensuring that there is no damage to the pavemnet.

Thanks to its inovative combination of steam and a specialist cleaning solution, this system completely eliminates the need for high pressure hoses, unfriendly or damaging chemicals and overspray into unwanted spaces, making it the ideal solution for any such cleaning needs.

To enquire about this completely environmentally friendly method of cleaning or to book a free quotation for work to be carried out please don't hesitiate to get in touch with us.

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