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Cradle Cleaning

Window cleaning using cradles allows for all high rise buildings to be easily accessed and high quality cleaning to be carried out. Where pulleys are able to be affixed to the property a cradle can be deployed allowing operatives to be lowered down the facade in order to access otherwise difficult to reach windows. Our operatives are highly experienced and extensively trained in the proper deployment of this technology and all take pride in their work to ensure it is of the highest quality.

We are fully insured in the operation of cradles with no height restrictions and our equipment is of the highest industrial quality to allow our customers full peace of mind when this work is being carried out. We always carry out site specific cradle training to make sure our staff members are fully aware of all the challenges each site and cradle have to offer.

As always Health and Safety is at the forefront of all our employees minds when using such techniques and all the necessary risk assessments and site surveys are carried out in order to ensure we deliver on this promise. We also undertake inspections whilst our work is carried out to make sure all proper practices are adhered to.

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